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Our passion:


Meet The Biz is dedicated to developing educational opportunities and accessible resources for actors – with and without disabilities – through workshops that connect them with entertainment industry professionals willing to share their knowledge and advice.

The program fosters learning, engagement and networking, and provides the tools for developing skills needed to work in the entertainment industry as actors and other related professions.

We promote full inclusion, advancing opportunities through the arts for those who otherwise might not have access. By providing an avenue for training in a flexible, compassionate environment, the special needs of all students can be met.

Our intention is to bridge the gap between ability and disability by embracing diversity, breaking down social barriers and opening doors of opportunity.


Every month Meet The Biz presents experienced and knowledgeable entertainment industry professionals to lead workshops to share their unique insights.

Each class will explore different areas of acting, including but not limited to: scene study, monologues, improv, connection, cold reading and tips from the pros.


Our workshops give students the opportunity to learn about careers in the entertainment field firsthand by interacting with guest speakers from entertainment industry as well as those who share the same professional interests. Our workshops are a means to connect, support and contribute to each others’ success.


At Meet The Biz, diversity is embraced and we recognize that human differences enrich us. By bringing all segments of industry together to share their unique perspectives – the producer, actor, writer, editor, technician, casting director, agent, life coach, abled and disabled, we gain a broader understanding and become more well rounded as artists.

Who should attend?

Our classes are open to everyone.

All members of the entertainment industry are encouraged to take part in our programs. These workshops are not only beneficial for aspiring actors but also for other industry professionals who want to expand their knowledge, widen their perspective and expand their network.