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Jamie Brewer


Credits Include: American Horror Story, Southland, Amy and the Orphans

Michael D. Cohen


Credits Include: Henry Danger, The Adventures of Kid Danger, Grossology

Zack Gottsagen


Credits Include: Bulletproof, Best Summer Ever, Peanut Butter Falcon

Chris Hendricks

Singer / Songwriter

Credits Include: Affliction (Song), Castle Wild (Band), Anomaly 23 (Writer / Comic Book)

Lindsay Johnson


Credits Include: Grey's Anatomy, Castle, White Collar

Diana Elizabeth Jordan


Credits Include: Legit, 7th Heaven, Specious

Rose Kingsley


Rose has performed with: Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Frank Sinatra

Ronnie Kroell

Model / Actor / Activist / Artist

Credits Include: BRAVO TV’s "Make Me A Supermodel", PLAYGIRL Magazine, BEHIND THE SMILE, "Don’t judge a book by it’s cover"

Tatiana Lee

Actress / Activist / Model

Accessible Hollywood, Pretty Dudes, Jade

Kelly McReary


Credits Include: Grey's Anatomy, Castle, White Collar

Karen Morrow


Credits Include: I Had a Ball, The Love Boat, The Jim Nabors Hour

Tracy Newman


Credits Include: Founding Member of The Groundlings, According to Jim, Ellen

Nic Novicki

Actor / Producer

Credits Include: Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge

Natalie Oden

Actress / Model

Jonathan Davis "Basic Needs", Jonathan Davis "Everyone", Zensations

John Paizis

Performing Arts Studio West Founder

Credits Include: Studied Acting with Sanford Meisner, Trained as a Puppeteer with Jim Henson and Frank Oz

Joe Seabe

Musician / Singer / Producer

Credits Include: SicVicki, Steve Plunkett (co-writer), PASW

Greg Schreiner

Greg's credits include: Pianist, Collector of Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood Revisited

David S. Zimmerman

Producer / Actor / Coach

Credits Include: Penn & Teller’s Bullshit, Meet The Fockers, Heavenly Peace

Past Instructors

John Ainsworth Glee

Shannon Algeo

Corey Allen — Rebel Without A Cause

Auti Angel — Push Girls

Tom Ardanany — Short Eyes

Carmen Argenziano — Stargate SG-1

Sharif Atkins — ER

Dani Bowman DaniMation Entertainment

Sherri Lewis Beachfront - American Bandstand

Adam Barr — Will & Grace

Bob Bergen — The Looney Tunes Show

Charles Bernstein — A Nightmare on Elm Street

Jonah Blechman — This Boy’s Life

Steve Bluestein — Dumb and Dumber

Kathy Buckley — The Tonight Show

Jamie Brewer — American Horror Story

Deborah Calla Media Access Awards

Crystal Carson — General Hospital

Betsy Chasse — What the Bleep Do We (K)now!?

Jeremiah Comey — Teacher

Jules Dameron — Crazy Town

David Dastmalchian - Blade Runner 2049

Bruce Davison — X-Men

Paul DeVincenzo Randy

Pam Dixon — City Slickers

Donnie Demers

Moosie Drier - Kids Incorporated

Douglas Eboch — Sweet Home Alabama

Bob Esty — Last Dance

Jeanne Elfant Festa — Foo Fighters: Back and Forth

Howard Fine — Howard Fine Studios

Andrea Friedman — Life Goes On

Tobias Forrest — The Session

Janet Gallin — Love Letters Live

Laura Gardner — My Name is Earl

Hank Garrett - Car 54, Where are you?

Kathy Garver

Jeff Gerrard — Casting Director

Brad Gilmore — The Closer

Albert Giannelli — Manager

Jenni Gold — CinemAbility

Shelly Goldstein Flying with Byrd

Carl Gottlieb - Jaws

Karen-Eileen Gordon — Magic City

Naomi Grossman — American Horror Story

Eileen Grubba — Game of Silence

Robert David Hall — CSI

Jared Hillman — The Social Network

John Garrett — Battle for Grace

Phaedra Harris — What’s Love Got To Do With It

Chuck Huber — Dragon Ball

Peter Kallinteris — Agent

Julia Kim — But I’m a Cheerleader

Rose Kingsley - Jazz and Opera Star

Katy Kurtzman — Dynasty

Carole Ita White — Laverne & Shirley

Geri Jewell — Deadwood

Pascal Johnson

CJ Jones Baby Driver

Diana Elizabeth Jordan — 7th Heaven

Lainie Kazan — My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Karen Sharpe-Kramer — Johnny Ringo

Katherine Kat Kramer — Kat Kramer’s Films that Change the World

Larry Lafond — ICarly

Constance Lamb — Woolf!

David L. Lander — Laverne & Shirley

Kathy Fields Lander — Johnny Got His Gun

Natalie Lander — The Middle

Hugh Leon — Agent

Lynn Manning — Blind Justice

Mardik Martin — Raging Bull

Eilijah Maximus

Jeff Maynard — The King’s Speech

Lee Meriwether — Barnaby Jones

Sheena Metal — The Sheena Metal Experience

Brent Miller One Day at a Time

JLouis Mills — Heartbeat

Yuly Mireles

RJ Mitte — Breaking Bad

Karen Morrow — Friends

Santina Muha One Day at a Time

Erin Murphy — Bewitched

Dustin Nguyen — 21 Jump Street

Minae Noji — Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ryan O’Connell

Susan Olsen — The Brady Bunch

Fern Orenstein — Baywatch

Michael Orland - American Idol

Reynaldo Pacheco — Our Brand Is Crisis

John Paizis — Performing Arts Studio West

Donna Pescow — Saturday Night Fever

Jack Plotnick — Girls Will Be Girls

Lauren Potter — Glee

Mark Povinelli — Water For Elephants

Lee Purcell

Dale Raoul — True Blood

Terry Ray — Gaydar

Joy Rinaldi — Grease: Original Broadway Production

Mary Rings — Born To Act Players

Angela Rockwood — Push Girls

Rebecca Rodick

Allen Rucker — The Sopranos: A Family History

Shawn Ryan — Young Actors Theater Camp

Hilari Scarl — See What I’m Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary

Greg Schreiner – Professor at Santa Monica College

Melissa Skoff — Casting

Douglas Spain — Band of Brothers

Lynne Marie Stewart - Pee Wee's Playhouse

Stanzi Stokes — The Terminator

Jason Stuart - The Birth of a Nation

Josh Sussman — Glee

Jade Tailor — The Magicians

Alisha Tamburri — Clear Mind Hypnotherapy

Charlene Tilton — Dallas

Dot Todman — Discover Your Core Voice

Cynthia Toussaint — Battle for Grace

Alexander Tovar

Joey Travolta

Chris Van Etten

Bruce Vilanch — The Academy Awards

Christopher Voelker — Photographer

Ann Walker — Sordid Lives

Dee Wallace — E.T.

Errol Webber - Music by Prudence

Joe Wehinger — The American Standards

Zack Weinstein — Criminal Minds

Cissy Wellmen — The Waltons

Andreas Wessel Therhorn — Mary Poppins Returns

Debra Wilson — MADtv

Mary Wilson — The Supremes

Josh Wingate — General Hospital

Steven Wishnoff — OZ: The HBO Series

Addison Witt — Manager

Danny Woodburn — Seinfeld

Kurt Yaeger — Sons of Anarchy

Daniel Zacapa — Resurrection Blvd.

David S. Zimmerman — My Next Breath